14 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Email Marketing Results!


Email Marketing Checklist!

Our 14 Step Process to boost your email marketing results [2021 Edition]

  • Quickly improve your results
  • Grow your business using email marketing
  • Learn what works in 2021
  • Refresh your email toolkit
  • Educate your team!
  • Impress your boss!

Copy our agency formula to instantly improve your email marketing results!



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Who is this checklist for?

Anyone using email to communicate with prospects and customers.

Is this checklist only for experienced email marketers?

Absolutely not! Beginners and advanced users alike will get something from this checklist.

Who wrote the guide?

The checklist was written by James Ketchell the owner of LeadDigital an agency that specialises in Email marketing. James started his first internet business in 1997 Serchen which is still going strong after 24 years!